Frequently Asked Questions

In general, Token refers to Digital Asset used by DApp built on Blockchain Technology. The token can be owned by anyone and can be transferred to others if there is an exchange like the Fork Assets Exchange (FEX) of the Fork Platform in Digital Assets. The token can represent digital assets with value for all contents in FORK various Clouds (DApp). A trust basis is valued in cryptocurrency because they provide a way to create the tokens that are immutable, distributed and counterfeit-proof.

Fork is a Token built on the Fork Platform. We use the Ethereum-based ERC20 standard Token prior to Main Net. Fork is designed for the utility usage of various applications such as Fork Platform, AEX, and Fork Cloud.

ForkCoin Compensation policy for nodes participating in Blockchain Network. RIRS Incentives Follows the compensation standard that is paid based on the FIRS (Fork Incentives Ranking System) standard. RIRS analyzes the cumulative evaluation data (Fork transaction volume, AEX transaction volume, Ranking System Volume, and Freezing Fee), predicts the optimal future demand issuance quantity, and evaluates it based on the five elements of Ranking Algorithm. 5 factors of Ranking Algorithm
NP : Number of Points (Like Upvotes or Likes)
NC : Number of Comments
NV : Number of Views
Tcc : Time since Creation Contents
Tlu : Time since Last Update